Job Title Ramp Equipment Operator
Department Ramp
Reporting To Ramp Supervisor
Location Al Maktoum International (VIP Terminal), DWC, Dubai, UAE


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Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of this role include (but are not limited to):

  • Participating in the daily shift briefings with the Ramp team
  • Review the movement and repositioning schedule for the shift and stay updated with any changes
  • Completing the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) checklists at the start of each shift, to ensure serviceability of the equipment.
  • Responsibility for conducting the under wing services, and ensuring that all services for an aircraft are conducted in a professional and timely manner, always following the ‘Safety First’ guideline
  • Ensuring that all pre and post activity checks are conducted for all arrivals, departures and repositioning, including and not limited to aircraft walk around checks, bay sweeps, FOD checks, ensuring availability of chocks, cones, tie downs (if applicable), carpets, and any additional measures as defined in the established procedures.
  • Operating and conducting services using the appropriate Ground Service Equipment (GSE) strictly in compliance with the established standards and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), including the pre and post process safety checks.
  • Operating conventional pushback and towbarless pushback tractors, in compliance with the established standards, airport regulations and safety measures. Ability to determine the appropriate equipment and tow bars that can be used on an aircraft
  • Work seamlessly with the Ramp Assistants, Flight Coordinator, Ramp Supervisor/ Manager and other teams to ensure that services are delivered in a timely and professional manner, strictly following all safety measures
  • Ensuring that the relevant teams and systems are updated on the status of the under wing services
  • Safety of Clients, Passengers, Aircraft, Jetex personnel, equipment, communication devices and assets at all times.
  • Raising incidents, accidents, close calls or observations in line with the Incident Management procedure
  • Wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when on the airside, and as appropriate to the operational environment and service being performed.
  • Participating in a handover briefing to the next shift to ensure seamless transition to the new shift
  • Any other duties assigned by Line Manager.


Eligibility Criteria

Education and Certifications


  • Diploma/ Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University
  • Certification for Conventional pushback and towbarless pushback operations
  • Certifications for other Ground Support Equipment
  • Ramp vehicle and equipment license is must


  • Minimum 2 – 5 years experience in aviation ground handling
  • Minimum 2 years experience operating conventional pushback and towbarless pushback tractors, and other Ground Support Equipment such as water service, lavatory service, passenger steps, ground power unit, mobile conveyor belt.
Specific / Technical Skills


  • Good in English communication
  • Knowledge in ramp equipment, tools and materials
  • Successful completion of a ramp services training program.
  • Knowledge of proper lifting techniques.
  • Working knowledge of airside safety procedures.
  • Basic knowledge of different type of aircraft
  • Must have previous Airside Driving Permit
  • Must hold a valid UAE driving license