Cannes Film Festival 2016

Cannes Film Festival first premiered in September of 1946 and was set out to rival the Venice Film Festival. What started out as more of a social event has become one of the most highly respected, and the most prestigious film festival in the world.

This crème de la crème of the film world is by invitation only and a visit to Cannes allows you to rub shoulders with the stars and experience the finest the area has to offer.

Experiences and Sights Like No Other

Imagine strolling along and seeing the palaces of La Croisette while catching sight of the yachts that glide across the bay, shopping at the finest couture shops, and visiting historic sites that are full of culture and visual display.

Not to be missed is the main promenade of La Croisette where the Estérel mountains are majestic among the addresses you’ll find fascinating. Check out the twin cupolas of the Carlton Intercontinental or the art deco of some of the seafront palaces where many famous people have rested their heads.

For something a bit more tranquil, take a boat ride (just 15-20 minutes away) to îles de Lérins which includes île Ste-Marguerite and île St-Honorat, where you can visit a fifth century monastery or simply enjoy the sand and sun. You can find boats leaving to the islands from Cannes by heading to the western side of the harbor.

Exquisite Food and Exciting Nightlife

Cannes is also the home to a diverse choice of restaurants. From European and French to bistros and fusion – you can really experience it all. Some of the local and visitor favorites include:

  • Jean-Luc Pelé. This artisan bakery is the ideal place for swanky food at reasonable prices. Keep in mind that reasonable does not mean a trade-off in quality or innovate food because the Foie gras macaroons are just one of the mouth-watering foods you’ll find.
  • PhilCat. Looking for a waterfront date? This sandwich and salad eatery has a terrace looking out over the sea where the food is delectable and the view can’t be beat.
  • Restaurant La Palme d’Or. This fine dining establishment is located right at the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez. With two Michelin stars and culinary creations that delight the taste buds, you can choose from such dishes as Dublin Bay Prawn and The Mangetout Pea, The Belly of Tuna, and The Allaiton Lamb Triple A Greffeuille Aveyron.

The Cannes Film Festival

Even if you’re not part of the invite list to Cannes, you’ll enjoy this Mediterranean destination during the festival. All of the who’s who in Hollywood will be there and whether you meet someone famous or not, the entire town is abuzz with excitement and glamour.

There are plenty of public events at Cannes, even a way that you can join in on the festival itself. Stop by the Cannes Tourism Office and pick up the ticket information and schedule for Cinéma de la Plage. This outdoor film screen allows the public to see Cannes Classics as well as the Out of the Competition films. You’ll be able to take a picnic and enjoy the beach at Plage Mace, then watch the films under the starry skies once it gets dark.

Of course, there are plenty of vendors set up at the festival grounds so check out some of the posters and souvenirs from the movies.

You might spot a few of the Hollywood elite at the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes so consider staying there if you book early.

Getting There

To get to the Cannes Film Festival, the nearest airport is Aéroport Cannes Mandelieu (LFMD). LFMD welcomes only private flights and has 21 main parking slots with 50-60 remote parking slots.

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