Inside the Rod Laver Arena, the main venue for the Australian Open.

The Australian Open 2020 will see the world’s greatest professional tennis players battle it out at Melbourne Park to find out who will emerge victorious and claim the title Australian Grand Slam Champion. With astounding prizes and global prestige at stake, the annual tournament truly packs in the excitement and the crowd.

One of the biggest and most anticipated events in tennis, Australian Open 2020 will take place from January 20 to February 2. Traveling to Melbourne for the event? Here is what you need to know to effortlessly operate to Melbourne.


Melbourne Airport [MEL, YMML]

Melbourne is primarily served by Melbourne Airport, the second busiest airport in Australia and the main international airport serving Melbourne’s metropolitan area.

Commonly known as Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne Airport is about 23 kilometers away from the city center and around 30 minutes away from Melbourne Park by car in good traffic conditions.

NOTE: Slots and PPR are not required for private flights operating to Melbourne Airport. There are also no parking restrictions.

Essendon Fields Airport [MEB, YMEN]

Essendon Fields Airport serves commercial, charter, general aviation and corporate jet flights. Situated next to the intersection of the Tullamarine and Calder Freeways, Essendon Airport is the nearest airport to the city center. Its operating hours are from 0600 to 2300 LT.

NOTE: Slot is not needed, but PPR can be arranged with handling. Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) limit is 49999Kg for any aircraft operating to the airport. Securing approval from the National Passenger Processing Committee is required if total number of people on board is 10, including the crew. The approval takes up to 10 working days.

Avalon Airport [AVV, YMAV]

Avalon Airport is an international airport catering to both commercial and general aviation flights. Located in Avalon in the City of Greater Geelong in Victoria, Avalon Airport is approximately 30-40 minutes away from Melbourne Park by car.

Although located outside Melbourne’s metropolitan district, Avalon Airport is the second busiest airport out of the four airports serving Melbourne. Light aircraft may land and park at AVV if certain conditions are met. Avalon Airport features a single runway and a helipad.

NOTE: Avalon Airport is a slot coordinated airport. PPR is mandatory and parking restrictions apply for GA flights. In contrast with MEL, AVV is not regulated by the Commonwealth Airports Act.


Send your fuel request before arrival to avoid delays on fuel delivery. To get a fuel quotation, please contact


Ground handling is mandatory in all airports. Jetex provides ground handling to any aircraft through our handling partners in Melbourne, Essendon and Avalon airports.


Available ground transportation generally comprises airport shuttles, transfer and authorized taxis. At Melbourne Airport, the Tullamarine Freeway provides convenient access to the airport. Tullamarine Freeway includes one offramp directly connected to the airport grounds, and another offramp for taxis, buses, airport staff and freight transport.

Another major link to Melbourne Airport is the M80 Western Ring Road, offering direct connection to Melrose Drive, which is 1.5 kilometers from the terminal area.

For luxury cars, vans and other VIP transport from Melbourne, Essendon or Avalon Airport to the city center or your preferred hotel, get in touch with Jetex.


All non-scheduled and commercial flights need landing permits to operate to Australia. Processing time may take around 5 working days from the date the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) receives your complete application, including all supporting documents.

NOTE: Operating large marginally compliant (MCC3) jet aircraft in Australia is subject to certain regulations. Non-scheduled operations by MCC3 aircraft are not allowed at Melbourne, Essendon and Avalon airports. The same restriction applies to airports in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast and Newcastle (Williamtown).

Noise permission from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is required so applications for non-scheduled flights to these ports can be assessed. The noise permission should go together with the landing application form. Jetex can arrange all the necessary permits for your flight.


Australia has strict regulations on items that travelers can and cannot bring when entering the country. To know if the item you are bringing is restricted, prohibited or needs to be declared, please refer to this guideline.


Except for Australian passport holders and New Zealand passport holders, who can get visa on arrival, all others need to have a visa to enter Australia. To determine the right visa for you and the necessary requirements, please refer to this link.


Australia is considered to be an extremely safe country with very low crime rates. In big cities such as Melbourne, normal precautionary measures are advised.


December to February is Melbourne’s peak travel season, with several major events happening such as the Australian Open. These months make up the summer season in Melbourne, with temperatures averaging 57.2°F (14°C) to 77.5°F (25.3°C).


A wide variety of hotels and hotel apartments is available in Melbourne for passengers and crew. If you wish to stay somewhere a few minutes away from Melbourne Park, consider Pullman Melbourne on the Park, The Langham, Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne and Grand Hyatt. Wherever you wish to stay, Jetex can make all the necessary arrangements for you.


Aircraft Disinsection

All international aircraft entering Australia are required to be disinsected through aerosolized spraying or residual treatments with insecticides prescribed by the World Health Organization.

The procedure may include crew members spraying aerosol cans within the cabin while travelers are on-board, or treating the aircraft before travelers get on board. Cargo holds also need to be treated.

Operate Effortlessly to Melbourne

Jetex can take care of all your flight support needs to Melbourne – from ground handling and flight planning, to refueling and in-flight catering. Contact us through or +971 4 212 4000.