Jetex Founder and CEO Adel Mardini is one of the panelists at Corporate Jet Investor London 2020. (Photo by Ben Hoskins)

Earlier this week, Adel Mardini, Jetex Founder & CEO, shared his insights into the future of international fixed-base operators (FBO) and what services VIP terminals around the world will provide to the discerning private jet travelers.

Speaking at the Corporate Jet Investor London 2020 (CJI London), Mr. Mardini stressed the importance of creating a new model for VIP terminals that will ensure a seamless luxury travel experience.

Traditionally, FBOs mainly served their primary purpose of providing fuel and servicing to aircraft, like a pitstop, and a quick respite for the crew. Over the years, Jetex earned the reputation of being a positive disruptor within the FBO sector. The company created a new standard of luxury in travel – a special alchemy between the world’s most luxurious hotels, lifestyle brands and private aviation.

Jetex FBOs are a one-stop shop for luxury private jet terminals, ground support, trip planning and bespoke concierge services. Today, Jetex facilities around the world resemble modern luxury hotel lobbies with services designed to exceed expectations.

Over the next decade, the number of new private jets taking to the skies is expected to total 7,600 – costing buyers a combined US$248 billion. The increasing number of air travelers (compound annual growth rate of around 3%-4% in 2019-2023) calls for modernization and upgrades of airport infrastructure, increases demand for FBOs to streamline various operations such as aircraft maintenance, fueling, parking, and hangaring.

Mr. Mardini also highlighted the importance of FBOs knowing who their end customer is – similar to traditional airlines and luxury brands. Modern sophisticated customer relationship management systems are key to these insights to ensure that FBO facilities are designed to meet and exceed customer expectations, as well as generate new revenue streams to the operator.

As Jetex expands its global footprint, it is committed to bringing the suite of signature Jetex services to all the new destinations.