Operating in Mexico: Jetex FBO in Toluca

As part of our global coverage, Jetex has established a strong presence throughout Latin America. We operate a fully-fledged FBO Terminal in the key location of Toluca, Mexico. This facility is strategically positioned at Licenciado Adolfo López Mateos International Airport (IATA: TLC/ ICAO: MMTO). Also known as Toluca International Airport, MMTO is the primary option for General Aviation (GA) flights to Mexico City. The airport offers a convenient point of entry when you are traveling to the nation’s capital for business or pleasure.

Toluca International Airport

Toluca International Airport is the main GA airport serving Mexico City, and is recognized as an important regional hub. The airport is located just 30 minutes from the heart of Mexico City, allowing easy access for business professionals and tourists.

Toluca is also a perfect stopping point for travelers who are heading from the United States to South America. Aircraft can refuel and resupply before traveling on to Brazil, Argentina and many other popular destinations throughout the Southern Hemisphere. In addition, Toluca serves as a convenient gateway to the Caribbean.

Flying to Toluca

When flying to Toluca, aircraft operators should be aware of several challenges. Firstly, the airport is located at 2,667 meters above sea level, so you need to be comfortable with landing in a high-altitude environment. Secondly, weather can be a concern at the airport. You can expect rain at least 50% of the time, and fog often blankets the airport in the morning. Pilots are advised to make preparations in advance, such as utilizing a visual enhancement device or becoming familiar with the terrain in the region.

Landing Permits for Mexico

Landing Permits are mandatory for both Part 91 (private non-revenue) and Part 135 (non-scheduled commercial) flights to Mexico. For private jet operators, the following documents are required for landing authorization, and should be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the travel date: airworthiness certificate, registration certificate, international or Mexican insurance, pilot licenses and medical certificates. If insurance documentation is written is Spanish, please ensure it states that it is for private use (“Uso Privado”).

For charter/non-scheduled commercial operators, the following documents are required, at least 72 hours prior to the travel date for a single landing authorization arrangement: airworthiness certificate, registration certificate, international and Mexican insurance (both required by Mexican CAA), pilot licenses and medical certificates, FAA OST 4507 Form (for ‘N’ registered aircraft), OPS SPECS (if operators are from another nationality), and Power of Attorney. If insurance documentation is written is Spanish, please ensure it states that it is for commercial use (“Uso Charter-Commercial”).

Aircraft that are owned by private individuals can obtain either a single-entry landing permit, or an annual permit. In general, single-entry landing permits can be issued within 72 hours. Landing permits for charter flights are classified separately in Mexico. Note that the application and approval process for these can be lengthy and involved, however an entire fleet can be listed on a single permit.

There are no noise restrictions in place for GA flights to Mexico. In addition, aircraft of any age are permitted to fly, providing they are deemed airworthy.

Our dispatch team has a wealth of experience in arranging landing permits and overflight permits, and will ensure you enjoy a smooth and successful flight. Contact us today to start planning your next trip.


In 2011, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation began enforcing SENEAM fees. These are charges for flying into or through Mexico. The agency tracks every aircraft coming in and out of the country. Planes that land and depart from airports in Mexico pay an aviation fuel uplift charge, and the SENEAM fee is included in the charge. For more details, check out our informative guide to overflight fees in Latin America.

Cabotage Regulations in Mexico

Finally, travelers to Mexico should be aware that the Mexican authorities closely monitor flights for any potential cabotage violations, particularly in cases where foreign aircraft transport Mexican citizens. A letter with everyone on board detailing their relationship to the organization that owns the aircraft must be provided for non-revenue aircraft. To operate in Mexican airspace, a business aviation aircraft must also present the type of aircraft, the tail number, the type of operation (private or commercial), the name of the operator or owner, and a complete schedule of the operation.

Jetex in Toluca

The Jetex FBO Terminal at Toluca International Airport (MMTO) is your gateway to popular destinations in Latin America.

Our Toluca FBO Terminal is run in partnership with local operator EOLO. A full range of trip support services are available, including ground handling, fueling and aircraft parking. In addition, the facility boasts over 300 square meters of hangar space. Travelers can enjoy a variety of sculptures, paintings and other Mexican artwork on display in our lavishly appointed executive lounge. You and your crew can relax and recharge, while our team takes care of every aspect of your flight.

Toluca serves as an Airport of Entry (AoE) 24/7, with customs and immigration officers based on-site. Airport slots are not required, and parking space will be offered according to availability.
Our FBO Terminal offers the following facilities:

  • 24/7 operations
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft parking
  • Airport customs and immigration
  • Catering arrangements
  • Concierge
  • Crew accommodation arrangements
  • Crew and VIP passenger transportation
  • Crew lounge
  • De-icing
  • Direct ramp access
  • Entry and landing permits
  • Executive lounge
  • Flight planning, weather briefing and NOTAMs
  • Fuel arrangements
  • Full dispatch package
  • Ground handling and GSE services
  • Hangarage
  • Meeting rooms
  • Multilingual staff
  • Security services
  • Shower facilities

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