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By: Tahmina Chowdhury

Flying into Rome, Italy

Rome is the largest and most populated city in Italy, with almost three million residents. As well as being the capital of Italy, it is also home to Vatican City, an independent state geographically located inside the boundaries of Rome. Read on to learn more about this popular destination.

20,Jan 2017 TRAVEL

By: Tahmina Chowdhury

Flying to Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal, and one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. Located on the western Iberian Peninsula, it is the only European metropolis that faces the Atlantic Ocean. Read on to learn more about this enchanting destination.

19,Jan 2017 TRAVEL

By: Tahmina Chowdhury

Russian National Unity Day

Russia celebrates Unity Day every 4th of November, to commemorate the rebellion to free Moscow from Polish occupation during 1612. Read on to learn more about this national holiday, plus useful information about flying into Moscow.

04,Nov 2016 TRAVEL

By: Tahmina Chowdhury

Traveling to Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile. Jetex is proud to have established a luxury FBO, which provides local expertise and adheres to the Jetex global standards. Read on to learn more about visiting this exciting destination.

02,Nov 2016 TRAVEL

By: Tahmina Chowdhury

Mexican Grand Prix 2016

This Sunday October 30, the Mexican Grand Prix will take place at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Read on to learn more about flying into Mexico with Jetex.

23,Oct 2016 TRAVEL

By: Adam Echo

Abidjan, Ivory Coast Offers Unique Luxury Travel

Abidjan, Ivory Coast is known throughout the region not just for its economic power, but also for a vibrant life in which locals and tourists intermingle almost seamlessly.

12,May 2016 TRAVEL

By: Mariya Vynohradova

Russian Grand Prix Operational Information

Operational information for those travelling to the upcoming Russian Grand Prix. Permits, Slots, Visa and Parking info for URSS.

25,Apr 2016 TRAVEL

By: Adam Echo

Art Basel

Art Basel is an event that brings together connoisseurs of the art world and artists and their galleries alike.

19,Apr 2016 TRAVEL

By: Adam Echo

Bissau Guinea-Bissau A Gateway To Ecological Tourism

Guinea-Bissau is a West African nation known for its biodiversity and vast, unspoiled forests and savannas.

31,Mar 2016 TRAVEL

By: Adam Echo

The High Stakes of the Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco turns into a street-side raceway, part of the annual Formula 1 circuit, becoming a legendary raceway offering gorgeous vistas alongside fast cars.

20,Mar 2016 TRAVEL

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