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By: Tahmina Chowdhury

Dubai International Boat Show

Next week, boating enthusiasts from around the world will set sail for the 25th anniversary edition of the Dubai International Boat Show. Held annually at Dubai International Marine Club, this five-day event is the region’s biggest and best marine leisure exhibition.

20,Feb 2017 LIFESTYLE

By: Tahmina Chowdhury

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Fans are guaranteed a gripping weekend of motorsports action next weekend, when the 2016 Formula One Championship season finale returns to the iconic Yas Marina Circuit. Read on to learn more.

20,Nov 2016 LIFESTYLE

By: Ewan Cameron

Melbourne Cup 2016

Next Tuesday November 1, the Melbourne Cup will take place at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria. Read on to learn more about "the race that stops a nation".

27,Oct 2016 LIFESTYLE

By: Ewan Cameron

Paris Fashion Week: Ready-to-Wear Event

Traveling to Paris Fashion Week? Our well-appointed FBO at Paris Le Bourget Airport offers all the facilities you need to arrive in style. The Jetex team will design a package to suit your exact requirements, creating a tailor-made trip plan as unique as you are.

20,Sep 2016 LIFESTYLE

By: Patrice Geens

Cannes Film Festival 2016

Cannes Film Festival first premiered in September of 1946 and was set out to rival the Venice Film Festival. What started out as more of a social event has become one of the most highly respected, and the most prestigious film festival in the world.

29,Mar 2016 LIFESTYLE

By: Nick Klenske

Fine Dining on the Las Vegas Strip

View fine dining in Las Vegas courtesy of the Jetex team. Jetex has access to thousands of restaurants in LAS, including the most luxurious and exclusive.

11,Jan 2016 LIFESTYLE

By: Nick Klenske

Benefits of Using a Chauffeur Service

When we talk about business aviation and executive travel, we often spend our time talking about what happens in the sky. But what about when the jet lands? Although the wheels may have touched down, your business trip is really just starting – and without some advanced planning you could very well find yourself with bags in hand at the FBO wondering ‘where to now’? This is why all business travel should involve not only air travel and hotels, but also a chauffeur service for getting you b

19,Oct 2015 LIFESTYLE

By: Claire Dangalan

The Thrill of The 'Extreme'

The fear… the excitement… the rush of blood and adrenalin! And whether or not there are spectators screaming and rooting for them to succeed, extreme sports enthusiasts and athletes take sports to a whole new level – where the challenge is greater, the fear is multiplied and the danger of serious injury, and even death, is inevitable.

08,Aug 2014 LIFESTYLE

By: Claire Dangalan

Sleep Your Way Into Health

People seem to be sleeping less and less these times, especially in the city – where people share apartment buildings and the night fails to drown out the noise of city traffic. With a lot of time spent daily on getting ready for work and the long city commute, more and more urban dwellers find themselves chronically sleep deprived, and getting less than six hours of sleep every night.

05,Aug 2014 LIFESTYLE

By: Claire Dangalan

Answering The Call Of The Wild

While on most every tourist’s list would be the ‘usual’ trips to exotic, historical/cultural, leisure and shopping destinations, there’s a special niche in the tourism industry that focuses less on the commercial side of travel, and aims to educate interested travelers on the importance of keeping a balanced relationship with nature, both flora and fauna, the urgent need for environmental awareness and ecological conservation.

18,Jul 2014 LIFESTYLE

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