Jetex debuts Rolls Royce Phantom FBO shuttle service

Jetex debuts Rolls Royce Phantom FBO shuttle service

-Global FBO, Jet Fueling, Ground Handling, and VIP Travel Expertise Company
-The World's First Rolls Royce Phantom Airport Shuttle Service
-Located in DWC Al Maktoum Airport - Dubai, UAE
-An Example of Jetex's Long Term Strategy for Dubai
DUABI, UAE. Feb 16th, 2016.
Jetex officially announces the newest fleet of airport shuttle vehicles for its DWC (Dubai World Central) based Fixed Base Operator (FBO). The previous Rolls Royce Ghost fleet will be upgraded to Three Black Rolls Royce Phantoms, making Jetex the first company to provide an exclusively Rolls Royce Phantom airport shuttle service in the world. The Rolls Royce Phantom fleet was chosen to signify the level of luxury with which Jetex aims to serve their VIP client base. VIP passengers will ride in the epitome of comfort and luxury between the DWC based executive FBO terminal and their aircraft of choice, awaiting on the runway. 
Jetex believes that maintaining the highest level of luxury and style is an integral part of the Luxury Travel Management Services that Jetex provides. "An FBO not only requires a luxurious lounge, meeting rooms, and reception, but also a way for our VIP clientele to reach their jets quickly, luxuriously, and comfortably. And I believe that the Rolls Royce Phantom is the best contender for all three" said Jetex CEO and President Adel Mardini. This is a modest first step for a new Jetex experience at it's Dubai-based FBO, which encompasses a full scale rebuild of the facilities in order to offer a Royal-Ready experience. The new facilities will be, without doubt the most luxurious FBO in the world, aiming to serve Heads of State and Royalty as well as VIP passengers arriving at and departing from Dubai starting in May of 2016.
Jetex Flight Support ( is a privately held company headquartered in Dubai, UAE, which provides its clients with luxury global aviation services and is represented in more than 260 locations around the world. Its customers include owners and operators of business jets for corporate, commercial, and personal air travel. Jetex services include luxury FBOs, overflight clearances and landing permissions, flight plans, NOTAM and weather reports, delivering fuel and arranging de-icing. The company’s international ground handling division organizes logistics from accommodation to transport and visas.
Source: PR Newswire
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