Situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf is the Island country Bahrain that is visited by approximately 2 million tourists a year.

The beautiful weather in Bahrain encourages outdoor activities including water sports. Tourists can enjoy jet skiing and diving in serene waters. With minimal travel requirements, good shopping and a pleasant social climate, an increasing number of tourists from outside the gulf region are starting to pay the country a visit.

The Island of Bahrain is home to many castles including the famous Bahrain Fort, also known as the Portuguese Fort is located near Karranah, a small village on the northern coast. Archaeological discoveries at the site date back to 2500 BC. Built by the Arabs in the 16th century is the Arad Fort located in the town of Arad.

Al-Fateh Mosque is a highly recommended spot to visit. It is one of the world’s largest mosques and it can accommodate up to 7,000 people at a time. The miraculous attraction, the “Tree of Life” is situated 30km from the south of Manama. With no underground aquifer or spring exit near the under the area, the tree has survived in the centre of the desert leaving scientists astonished as to how it has survived.

The highly anticipated Bahrain Grand Prix will be held between the 19th and 21st of April, 2013. On April 4th, 2004, Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari was the first to win in this championship. This was the first Forumla One Grand Prix held in the Middle East and was given the award for the "Best Organised Grand Prix" by the FIA. This world class motorsport facility lies 30km from the capital city, Manama.

Fast cars, engines soaring, big crowds, cheering and excited fans and are the perfect combination to ensure an adrenaline- pumping, sensational championship!

With a historical background, modern day technology, a friendly atmosphere and traditional culture, Bahrain is our destination of the week!

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