Q. Who is eligible to apply?
A. All aircrew of aircraft operators and airlines are qualified to apply.

Q. How do I apply for the aircrew ID?
A. Please contact us at aircrew@jetex.com

Q. What is a cost of the card?
A. Your card will cost USD 67.00 (Europe, CIS, Middle East, Asia). Depending on the delivery destination, additional shipping charges may apply.

Q. How long will my aircrew ID be valid for?
A. Your card will be valid for 24 months. 

Q. How long after completing the application can I expect to receive my aircrew ID?
A. You can expect to receive your card within 5-7 working days of application.

Q. What are the photograph requirements?
A. The picture should be a passport-type photo (color photo with a white background), taken within the last year. Minimum acceptable resolution is 300 dpi. 

Q. Should I hold additional documents while travelling?
A. For security screening processes at immigration and customs, local authorities may request you to produce valid travel documents (passport, pilot license, etc.).

Q. How do I renew the aircrew ID card? 
A. Please send notice to aircrew@jetex.com 30 calendar days prior to the card expiration date.

Q. If I need to apply changes to my personal data or document validity related information, how should I proceed? 
A. Please submit the changes to us at aircrew@jetex.com

Q. What should I do if I have lost or misplaced my aircrew ID card?
A. As soon as you realize your card is lost, please report it through aircrew@jetex.com or call us on +971 4212 4000. Upon filing lost records, we will issue a new card.

Q. Is there a charge for replacement?
A. Yes, there will be a charge for issuing a replacement card. For details, please contact aircrew@jetex.com

Q. What are the methods of payment?
A. The charges can be invoiced to company’s corporate account with Jetex, done via wire transfer, or paid via credit card.

Q. How to update my personal data related to travel documents?
A. You can access your personal account via apps.jetex.com/Aircrew 

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