Q. What is the lead time for a permit? 
A. The lead time for a landing permit is officially 2-4 working days. Permit application will not be processed if it is submitted earlier than 4 working days. Short-notice permits may be possible, but are at the discretion of the CAAC.

Q. What documentation is required for a landing permit?
A. A sponsor letter issued by the receiving party shall be provided to CAAC, along with the SITA application. Kindly keep in mind that the receiving party has to be registered and located in the city which the passengers are travelling to.

Q. What are the pre-trip considerations when operating to China?
A. Foreign registered aircraft are not permitted to perform over 6 consecutive domestic sectors without exiting and re-entering the country. At busy airports like ZBAA, ZSSS, ZSPD, ZGGG and ZGSZ, only one movement per GA aircraft is permitted during the peak hours of commercial operations (0000-1400Z).

Q. If I need to change the SKED, will the granted permit still be valid?
A. You’ll need to reconfirm the permit with CAAC for SKED revision.  It is relatively easy to delay a slot by two or three hours, but more difficult if you choose to depart earlier than the approved SKED. The process of permit reconfirmation is the same as permit application, which would take additional time.

Q. What are the visa requirements for crew?
A. Crew will be required to possess “C” type visas for access to China. Visas will not be required if it is for a tech/fuel stop, where crew would only stay on the airside for a few hours.

Q. What about visas for passengers? 
A. Passengers should possess any type of visa other than a "C" type for entry into China. In Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, 72-hour Transit Visa Exemption is an option for passengers who are transiting and continuing on to a destination outside China that is different from the airport from which they have arrived. For example, RKSS-ZBAA-RKSS is not permitted, but RKSS-ZBAA-LFPB is possible for the 72-hour Transit Visa Exemption option. Kindly be reminded that this regulation only applies to citizens from 51 countries. Please check with your handlers in advance.

Q. How can I obtain an annual multi-entry visa for my crew members?
A. You’ll need an official CAAC sponsor letter for multi-entry visa application. We, as a handler, are capable of obtaining the sponsor letters from CAAC for your crew members.

Q. How strong is the Jetex network in Mainland China?
A. Jetex can provide ground handling services in all airports that are open to foreign registered aircraft. We have signed direct contracts with all international airports. We ensure smooth operations by positioning experienced ramp supervisors on site at the airport you are travelling to.

Q. Can you assist with hotel bookings in China?
A. We have direct contracts with most international 5-star hotels, and our office in Beijing can provide hotel reservation services with very competitive rates in each city.

Q. Can you provide fuel at remote airports in China?
A. Yes, we have an agreement with CNAF, which is the biggest fuel supplier in China. We can arrange fuel services in every location in China.

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